Carbon Fiber Solutions
for Foundation Repair
In Virginia

What is Carbon Fiber Reinforcement?

Carbon fiber reinforcement is a cutting-edge technology that strengthens and stabilizes various structures, including foundations, walls, and beams. It involves the application of high-strength carbon fiber strips or fabric bonded with epoxy resin to add structural support and prevent further movement or deterioration.

Introducing Fortress Carbon Fiber

1 High Tensile Strength

Fortress carbon fiber products have outstanding tensile strength, allowing them to withstand substantial loads and distribute forces effectively.

2 Lightweight and Low Profile

Carbon fiber reinforcement is lightweight and has a low profile, minimizing added weight to the structure and reducing the impact on the aesthetics of the repaired area.

3 Corrosion Resistance

Unlike traditional steel reinforcements, carbon fiber is not corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

4 Versatile Applications

Fortress carbon fiber can be used for various structural repairs, including foundation stabilization, wall reinforcement, and beam strengthening.

5 Compatible with Different Substrates

Whether it is concrete, wood, or steel, Fortress carbon fiber can be successfully applied to various substrates, providing practical solutions for different structural challenges.

6Certified and Trusted

Fortress carbon fiber products are extensively tested and certified, ensuring our customers' highest quality standards and peace of mind.

Applications of Fortress Carbon Fiber

  • Foundation Repair

    Carbon fiber reinforcement is ideal for stabilizing and reinforcing foundations affected by settlement, cracks, or bowing walls.

  • Wall Stabilization

    Fortress carbon fiber can be used to strengthen and stabilize cracked or bowing walls, preventing further movement and potential structural failure.

  • Beam Strengthening

    Carbon fiber reinforcement is an excellent choice for enhancing beams' load-bearing capacity and stiffness and improving structural integrity.

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