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Our experts begin by thoroughly assessing the condition of your foundation. Using advanced techniques and tools, we identify the root causes of any problems, such as cracks, settlement, sinking, or bowing walls. This diagnostic process allows us to develop a customized repair plan for your foundation.
Cracks in your foundation can be a significant concern, as they can allow water infiltration and further damage. We employ proven methods to repair foundation cracks, ensuring a durable and watertight solution. Our skilled technicians use high-quality materials and specialized techniques to restore the structural integrity of your foundation.
Foundation settlement and sinking can lead to uneven floors, wall cracks, and other structural issues. Our team utilizes innovative techniques, including helical piers and steel push piers, to stabilize and lift the foundation back to its original position. Finally, we restore stability and prevent further damage by addressing the underlying causes of settlement.
Bowing or leaning walls signify significant foundation issues that require immediate attention. We offer effective solutions to stabilize and reinforce bowing walls, such as wall anchors or carbon fiber reinforcement. These methods provide long-lasting support and prevent further inward movement.
Water intrusion can cause severe damage to your foundation. Our foundation waterproofing services include the installation of interior and exterior drainage systems, sump pumps, and moisture barriers to keep your foundation dry and protected. By effectively managing water, we help prevent further deterioration and potential mold growth.

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